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John Mueller: WordPress Not Inherently Better For SEO



John Mueller, a member of Google’s Webmaster Central Advisory Board, spoke at WordCamp San Francisco 2018 and discussed the state of SEO and Google. He has spoken at WordCamps and conferences across North America and Europe and has appeared on television, radio, podcasts and in interviews.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and RankBrain:

Mueller has been an expert on Search since 2010, having started his career at Google.

Over the years, he’s worked to improve how search works in Google. He was a key contributor to the development of RankBrain.

RankBrain is Google’s attempt to answer questions and return the best results to users. Google wants users to find the best content at the top of the page.

Mueller explained that the technology behind RankBrain allows Google to determine the quality of a web page. This means websites are ranked based on more than just what is written on the page itself.

The problem with using content alone to rank your pages is you can create high-quality content on one subject and then have a low-quality page or blog post on another.

You may have content for your business on every page, but that doesn’t mean Google will show you as a great business.

There are many other factors, like how active you are on social media and how often you create new posts. The fact that you haven’t updated in a year or so probably isn’t helping.

That’s why SEO is a moving target. You need to keep updating your content to stay in front of Google.

The Best Practices of SEO:

As a beginner, it’s hard to know the best practices of SEO. However, it is possible to do a search for tips and tricks, and you can find some helpful sites.

For example, the folks at WordCamp Austin shared some great tips about SEO. The site says it’s “a practical guide to getting your website found by search engines and the people who use them.”

One tip they suggest is to put “a description meta tag in every image on your site.”

You can see the full guide and additional tips on their site.

Another example is a site called SEO Book. The site claims to “give you a clear and complete introduction to the basics of SEO.”

The authors have years of experience and even wrote a book, SEO: An Hour a Day, which teaches you how to master search engine optimization.

They also offer free SEO training.

Another way to get started with SEO is to do research on competitors. Try and see how they are ranking and what they are doing differently. You can even read what the experts are saying about their business.

John Mueller explained that the best SEO isn’t the best for everyone.

There are a few people who do great SEO and don’t rank. You don’t want to be one of those people.

To be successful with SEO, you’ve got to work at it.

  • SEO: An Hour a Day:
  • The SEO: An Hour a Day:
  • In the video above, you’ll learn all about SEO and get free SEO tips.
  • In the video, you’ll learn all about SEO and get free SEO tips.


If you’re thinking about starting a business or launching an online project, be sure to include SEO in your strategy.

Even if your product is really good, it won’t help you if people can’t find it. SEO is all about people searching, and Google’s goal is to give them the most relevant answers to their questions.

When you’re building a business, SEO is a process to follow. You don’t want to stop when you’re first starting out. It’s something you should continue to build into your business plan and think about as you grow.

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