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The Ringer’s Top 100 List has Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat players in it.



The NBA is an interesting game in that it can really be anybody’s game. A team could be sitting at the bottom of the standings for most of the year, and one night they could blow the doors off the competition and be undefeated.

Miami Heat is a prime example. In 2014, they were near the bottom of the standings with a mediocre record, but all of a sudden they went on a hot streak and made a deep playoff run. It doesn’t happen every year, but it does happen.

So how did Miami make the playoffs and what happened that led to such a surprising season?

One key ingredient was Miami’s starting point guard, Goran Dragic.

With his elite playmaking ability and incredible passing, Dragic set up the offense and was able to open up the lane for LeBron James. LeBron was unstoppable.

Dragic was a crucial component in the Miami Heat’s comeback.

How about Jimmy Butler?

The Minnesota Timberwolves were a surprise team, but they took out the defending champs in the first round. Even though he wasn’t in the conversation for MVP, Butler made the most impact with his shooting and defense.

His first round series was probably the most impressive one of the entire series.

While Miami and the T’Wolves had two first round series, Chicago and Milwaukee had none. With the Bulls falling short in the playoffs, it’s no surprise that they traded Jimmy Butler.

What about the Miami Heat?

Miami had a strong regular season, so their surprising performance in the playoffs was expected.

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade will be the cornerstone of the Heat’s roster for the foreseeable future.

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