Is chaat bad for your health?

Nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi decoded the health impacts of some commonly available chaats.

Dahi Bhalla

Bhalla is a lentil-based friend item but is soaked in water to reduce oil. “Plus, curd is high in protein. This is even healthier than a plate of dal and roti,” he said.

Papri chaat

This dish has curd (high in protein) with a fried maida roti and some chana or bhalla option. “Not the worst, right? Isn’t that just roti and curd with tadka for oil? Here you get more curd,” he explained.

Besan/moong cheela

A popular breakfast option in many Indian households, cheela is “very balanced, moderate in protein and high in fibre”, according to the nutritionist.

Matar kulcha

One of the most loved street foods, kulcha is maida-based but mater is a legume. To remain healthy, “just have the right amount of matar and that’s it”.

Ragda pattice

“This is just potato with chhole and curd. Just like less roti with dal and curd, all good and balanced,” he explained.

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