Simple lifestyle changes that can actually control cholesterol

Feb 25, 2023ET Online

Reduce saturated fats

Try not to eat foods that have saturated fats in them, including cheese, fatty meat, whole milk and egg yolks among others.

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Banish trans fats

Trans fats shoot up your bad cholesterol and prevent the good cholesterol from forming. They can be found in junk food such as fries.

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Eat right

Stick to foods that have high fibres and nutrients like leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits.

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Even if you are not overweight, exercising regularly can reduce cholesterol and in turn keep your heart healthy.

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Look up your family history

If your family has a history of cholesterol, chances are you may develop it. So consult your doctor and take necessary precautions.

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Replace the oil

Use substitutes such as canola oil, peanut oil and avocado oil to reduce chances of higher cholesterol levels in your body.

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Read labels

Always check the nutrition facts when you are buying a food item so that you know what you arte consuming.

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Maintain healthy weight

Being overweight increases the chances of cholesterol and affects your heart.

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Quit smoking

Smoking is a major risk factor for high cholesterol and heart disease, as the tobacco causes arteries to harden and leads to atherosclerosis.

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